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Jamf Pro 11.4.0 Beta is now available

Hello Jamf Nation! This release is in support of the Apple Spring release. We have several exciting new features including beta MDM support for Apple Vision Pro, Self Service initial app detection, Support Digital Market Act app restriction, and more...  View more

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Deploy wireless settings to MacBooks

Sorry if this has been answered before but I couldn't find anything specific on this. When dealing with the iPads you can set the wireless settings in Configuration Profiles, but I cannot find how to do the same thing with our Laptops. Thanks!Andrew  View more

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JSS PUT API using Curl Help

We are trying to enroll 400 iPads with the XML template from JSS/Resource/mobiledevices/id from the API. We have created a script that reads all the data and creates the new XML record for each of the iPads. Having trouble with JSS PUT using curl. In...  View more

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Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone else is using Patchoo. I am playing around with it in our environment, and I have it working and deploying updates. The only thing it doesn't seem to be doing is presenting the package names its downloaded in the coc...  View more

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OS X Mail config via configuration profile

So we're trying to get our users' Mail app working with their email account over a configuration profile. No matter what we do, we can't seem to get it working for OS X. The same settings, applied in a conf profile for iOS, work without any issues. A...  View more

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Set Desktop Background

Hi All, We have just implemented Casper a few days ago but we are struggling with the following. A desktop background (bespoke one) has been set as part of an image and the "Desktop and Screen Saver" prefpane has been disabled so users cannot change ...  View more

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Hi Everyone I was wondering if anyone can tell me or point me in the right direction as best practice to unenrolling a mac from Casper plese  View more

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dmg creation for office

We need to push Outlook 2016 to our users but the package that MS offers is crap. Basically I have to use Composer to create an dmg via a snapshot which seems to work. My question is about the updates. Once I install Outlook there is a large update t...  View more

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Ricoh Print Driver not working on 10.10.3 Yosemite

Anyone else having issues with the Apple supplied Ricoh print drivers (v2.5) on Yosemite? The driver installs but then when attempting to print a user will see 'Some of the software for the printer is missing'. The user can then reinstall the driver ...  View more

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New User - Inventory from AD

Hi All, New user to the Casper Suite here and have a little issue with AD & Inventory... As it stands, if we thin image using Netboot, our inventory doesn't update based on who's logged into the machine (we don't swap machines, a single machine is as...  View more

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Mass exclusions of apps for newly enrolled devices

2 new devices have been enrolled into a site, and it doesn't need to have most of the apps that are applied to the all mobile devices scope. It would be nice to be able to control a setting to control this for all apps. If there was an option to excl...  View more

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Packaging DiskWarrior 5

I've tried to package it up along with its licensing but I cannot seem to get it to work. When I enter the licensing it doesn't seem to be modifying anything that I can tell. I've tried using Composer and using a before/after snapshot to see what fil...  View more

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Save DP to USB option

I remember in the past that we were able to plug in a usb drive while Admin was open and replicate to the drive to make imaging a little quicker locally. Recently I noticed when I plug in a USB drive when Admin is open, I don't see that option. Has i...  View more

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Java 6 and Adobe CS6

Each passing year that goes by since the sunsetting of Java 6 I become more and more reluctant to install it on machines, to the point that I don't include it on the systems. However, there seems to be 1 last holdout for it, and that's CS6... Is ther...  View more

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How to set up an application at system startup

Hi Support, I am Zhang Bin from DMG (China) I need soma assist on how to set up an application at system startup, start automatically, or let the application generate a shortcut in OS desktop. My system JSS 9.72Your advice much appreciated! Thank you...  View more

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Confusion with pkg deployment

Hi Everyone, This is only my second post here so please understand Im still a rookie when it comes to driving the JSS. I have successfully deployed flash and java updates by recompiling the source in composer before uploading the dmg to Casper and th...  View more

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Getting Expiry date of Certificate

Hi, Has anyone ever tried to pull the expiry date of any Certificate? I can see it is in my Keychain and also can see the last date there. But I need to find a way to pull report from all Macs and send out notification based on expiry date.Unable to ...  View more

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El Capitan virtualization

Has anyone been succesful to run 10.11 on a VM (ESXi 6)? The installer seems to work fine but upon completion of the install the machine reboot to the crossed out circle.  View more

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.APP Installations

I'm looking to easily install some programs that are .app. We use LogMeIn and Cisco Jabber in our company and haven't been successful with Composer to create either DMGs or .PKGs. When downloaded they are of the .app extension which isn't supported i...  View more

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FTP/FTPS/SFTP vs SMB/AFP for share access

I was just thinking the other day how Casper does its uploads to SMB or AFP shares. However it allows for distribution of packages/scripts via HTTP. My question then becomes, why not take SMB/AFP out of the equation completely and just go with someth...  View more

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Setting Up VPP in JSS

Hello, I am attempting to setup VPP in the JSS. I applied for licenses from Apple for the iWork suite for the 600 MacBooks that I manage. They emailed me and told me that I had not installed my VPP token yet in my mdm, how do I install this in the JS...  View more

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Macbook prompting DEP instead of autoconfiguring

We recently got our first Macbook in since they were announced. We purchased it through Apple, and DEP was supposed to kick in to enroll it and trigger the initial policies. Something odd happened though. Instead of automatically accepting DEP enroll...  View more

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A way to assign computers to LDAP user on first login

We are a 1:1 school in grades 7-12 that has all of our students in Open Directory. We bind their computers to the directory due to the mobile Internet filter and user agent which are both installed on the machine. We also have our JSS tied to Open Di...  View more

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Script to run only on new account creation

I am wondering is it possible to create a script that will only run when a new account is created on the machine. This script will setup a bunch of stuff for the user like Wifi, Admin Rights, Enabling the user for FileVault. The machines are domain b...  View more

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Restricted App Store and App Updates

Good morning, For our deployment on student iOS-based devices we restrict the app store and use Self-Service for app installation. One drawback to this setup is update handling on devices. One way we were looking at working with updates is to keep a ...  View more

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Script to find files that begin with a space

Hi all, Please forgive my bash scripting ignorance, but I was wondering if one of you scripting gods could help me with a small script or command to output a list of files that start with a space character. Using the find command or something similar...  View more

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