Lack of Support

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I have been trying to schedule a call with Madeline Behling - my Customer Success Manager for several days, but she does not respond to my emails, is there another Success Manager I can discuss our school acccount with?


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Hi Mady,
That is odd because I cc'd my principal, Mr. John C. McGrath and he received all of the emails. I also cc'd Tim & Alex, did they not get my emails either?
Please let me know what time today we can speak live. I will call you with our concerns.
Kathy Tenzinger

Hi Kathy!

I hope you are doing well and off to a great start this week. I came across your Jamf Nation post where you mentioned that you have been unable to reach me. Unfortunately, I have not received any emails from you in my email queue or personal Outlook inbox; I have alerted my manager to the situation so that he/our team can look into any bugs that may be happening with our receiving and routing systems! I apologize if there are any lapses in communication due to that issue.

Do you have any questions or concerns regarding your work with your Support cases? I see that the case I reached out on last week was escalated to an Engineer; are you happy with the work that is being done there? Is there anything additional that you are needing Support with?

Per the email I sent out regarding the PI's you are encountering, Jamf is here to help and support your organization during this global crisis. If you've decided that you would like to provide any feedback on the experience I would be happy to go through that with you! Please let me know what we can do for you at this time and we'd be happy to assist.


Madeline Behling
Customer Success Manager

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And this is basically why I dropped premium support for 2020. It's a cash grab for them and when you actually need help you never get a resolution.

My Jamf sales reps had the audacity of making a fuss over this when it was time for my renewal.

They need to vastly improve their support model and move from charging a flat fee to charging per device.

I figured I'd be better off on my own with extra cash in my pocket!

Good luck!