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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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JSS 9.65 Active Directory MDM Payload Issues?

Anyone else getting this? I tried swapping from IP address to DNS hostname with no success: The 'Directory Binding Account' payload could not be installed. Attempts to bind to the server 'SERVER' returned an unspecified problem. I had no issues in th...  View more

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Cisco WLC ACL's to support AirPlay

Hello All, Does anyone have information on working ACL’s to allow airplay through Cisco WLC ACL’s. We have a mix of Apple TV’s and AirServer and Airplay mirroring from both iOS and OS X. The bonjour discovery side is working correctly its the data st...  View more

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Export Inventory Reports JSS 9.65

there does not seem to be a way to export or print Inventory reports in JSS 9.65, no options, no button, nothing. Is this another bug with this version or is it a feature? Whats the point of doing reports if they cannot be used outside of the web con...  View more

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system-wide proxy on iPads

Since the beginning of the year, we have implemented a Global (formerly called system-wide) proxy via a Casper config profile to our 1 to 1 iPads to provide the necessary government-mandated content filtering for students in K-12. The proxy works wel...  View more

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Kerberos Ticket Destroy and Renewal

HI JAMF peeps, I thought I would put this out there, I am looking for a script to run that will destroy all existing kerberos tickets and then renew with a single one. We have a finance system that requires this for login via browser and only allows ...  View more

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Restricted Software Issue JSS 9.65

Hi Guys, Dont suppose any of you can help. I have created a new restricted software record in JSS for an application users have installed on our systems called R. I have the process name in the restricted software record as R.app For this record i ha...  View more

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Enable Wi-Fi on device locked with passcode

I had a teacher come in today with an iPad that had a passcode on it. The device was not on Wi-Fi so I could not remotely clear the passcode. Is there a way to enable Wi-Fi without being able to access the settings? I tried sliding up for the control...  View more

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AutoPKG and Adobe Flash ESR

We are looking at starting to use Autopkg in our environment, but we currently use Flash ESR for deployment and would like to see if we could make that work in Autopkg. I see on the autopkg github site that Anthony Reimer has posted a new recipe, whe...  View more

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JSS and JDS on same server?

We are in the process of setting up an internal environment for Casper for the first time. We plan to run on RHEL. Assuming the server has sufficient resources, is there any reason the JSS and JDS processes can't run on the same server?  View more

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MCXMenuExtraTool.app in Login Items

Does anyone else have this showing up in their login items on 10.10.2? I know it has to do with HomeSync but we aren't syncing home directories. All of our AD users are setup as mobile accounts could that be why its showing up?  View more

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Casper imaging scripts and command substitution

Dear JAMF members, In some of my casper scripts, which are initiated at boot time i use command substitution.Somehow they are not interpreted and turned into empty strings. A small example; cat << my_awesome_script > /tmp/the_script.sh#!/bin/bash jen...  View more

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Features to Lockdown

I've seen a few of the following features greyed-out, but only a couple of the features allow me to grey them out so that a user can't tamper with the changes: Under, Users & Groups...Login Options... - display login windows as: name & password - sho...  View more

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AutoCasperNBI and Casper 9.65

Seeing some strange errors appearing when trying to use AutoCasperNBI with Casper 9.65. trying to create the NBI on a I7 iMac with a 1TB Fusion drive OS 10.10.2 we get the following in the logs: Thu Feb 26 10:55:22 AEDT 2015 NetBoot Name: 10.10.2.Aut...  View more

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Hi All, I've been asked to compare Casper against Airwatch for a client for OS X management, has anyone any experience of Airwatch's latest Mac OS X offering? It seems to me to that it is still nowhere near Casper, but it would be great if anyone has...  View more

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Firefox ESR 31.5.0

Anyone else having trouble with the Firefox ESR 31.5.0 that was just released? I tried 4 different Macs. Two were just direct downloads from Mozilla and the other two I pushed out Firefox with a policy. They all do the same thing. Upon opening the ap...  View more

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Dallas Area JAMF User Group - April 1, 2015

We have our next meeting scheduled for Wednesday April 1st. No, this is not an April Fools joke, it really is scheduled. You can register for the event by visiting this link: https://jamfnation.jamfsoftware.com/userGroup.html?id=46 If you have ideas ...  View more

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Single client unable to mount SMB Distribution Point

I have a single 10.10.2/Casper 9.63 client which can enroll without issue, but cannot mount the SMB DP. I realize there are many other threads about this but I did not see anything describing this particular scenario. Here is what I know: I tried rem...  View more

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Casper 9.64 - 9.65 VPP Invites

Hey, Has anyone out there updated to the latest version of Casper and tried to send down VPP invites?? The situation I'm in is I'm actually blocking the App Store purchases. In 9.62 I cannot send a VPP invite to an iOS 8 device that has the App Store...  View more

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mbpro not checking in ??

I have a MBPro that was enrolled with quick add.pkg over wifi, currently the computer is connected with USB to Ethernet in a 141.XXX.XXX.XXX (, I prefer them to be ethernet connected when the computers are at work.How do I get this to c...  View more

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Swift API Example

Hi all, I just wanted to share a example project for anyone interested. This is a pure Swift application for OS X that queries and displays the number of computers enrolled in Casper. It demonstrates how to leverage the API in a Swift environment. I ...  View more

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PARCC testing open discussion

I believe there are a lot of admins here that are part of the PARCC testing. What are some issues you are seeing? What are your environments and such? My environment is JSS 9.3 managing around 4500 - 10.9 MacBook Air's. For the PARCC I have two polic...  View more

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Make mobile device user assignments from CSV?

My school district is wrapping out our Casper Trial, and something I haven't found an equivalent for yet is being able to make device assignments from a CSV. In our current solution I can take a CSV that has serial numbers in one column, and users in...  View more

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Report and Reset SSH via Casper

Wanted to share a few scripts that allow me to find the status of ssh on my clients but also reset those that for some reason have ssh turned off.https://jumpt.wordpress.com/2015/02/25/report-and-reset-ssh-status-via-casper/As always feedbacks are we...  View more

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