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Casper Remote: Show client when remote session is active?

I tried to find something on this and came up empty. I am surprised that we have not been asked this yet, but is there anything that anyone has done to show the clients when an active Remote session is in place? When it terminates?I know some of our ...  View more

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Deep Freeze and recent Casper Suite version

Hi we are planning to deploy deep freeze onto 1 lab of 25 machines for specific purposes.... I found a white paper dated of septeber 2010... was wondering if that was still accurate to manage the computers with deep freeze from policies and casper......  View more

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Mapping Home and AD shares using Policy

Good afternoon, I have adapted (to the best of my ability) the apple script from MacMule to mount SMB home and at least one AD Share. I can double click and run the script manually from the client desktop but I have yet to get it to run via policy in...  View more

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Looking to Purchase New iMacs

Like the title says, looking to purchase new iMacs for a lab. Currently we are running 10.9 Mavericks image we built and deploy with Casper Imaging. Since we are seeing problems with Yosemite, we are hesitant to update and would like to re-image the ...  View more

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Hail Mary Pass - Off Topic

I've got a user who was just informed her mother has been diagnosed with a dire medical condition. She is wondering if there is any way of retrieving deleted voice mail messages from AT&T's system. I highly doubt that but it doesn't hurt to ask. So h...  View more

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jss profile and network proxy settings

Hello,I see no possibility in a system level nor user level profile to set proxy settings for the Ethernet network. At Wifi those options are present. How do one set Proxy settings for Ethernet ? I only see here 802.x security stuff. I found in osx p...  View more

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"Other" Login Should be disabled

Does anyone know why the "Other" username might show up at login after enrollment when it's disabled in the configuration profile? It happens sporadically... for example in a lab of 30 identical computers, 6 of them show the Other login, even after r...  View more

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Problem with upload to JDS

Hi,all of the sudden package uploads to my JDS server started failing.first error I detected was on the JDS server apache logs - related to http auth. I set new passwords on the server for both read and write user, and set the same on JSS.After doing...  View more

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Restrict iMessage on campus/certain times

I'm trying to figure out a way maybe using network segments to restrict iMessage. Maybe totally block it so that it won't launch while a student is on the campus network. I know this pops up every so often but has anyone figured out a sure fire way u...  View more

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Yosemite Automatic Home Drive Mount

Hi there, We are currently testing 10.10 and are experiencing the following problem. Our macs are bound to AD and when they log in the UNC path from AD is used to mount the home folder. This worked fine in 10.8/10.9. For some reason, the home folder ...  View more

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Management options Missing

Hi all, I am currently having a strange issue here with trying to manage Yosemite imaged machines.all current systems are on either OS X 10.8.x or 10.9.x and are managed via our JSS without issue.The issue starts when I try to add a Yosemite machine....  View more

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threat profilling

can you guys helped me finding the a recently announced security vulnerability , profile of that threat like heart bled threat????  View more

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Remove JSS instance on Linux

What is the best way to fully remove a JSS instance from a Linux (RHEL) server? We have migrated the JSS to another server and would like to remove the JSS from the old server, this server also runs other services so cannot delete the server or mysql...  View more

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NetSUS 3.0.2 unable to update dhcpd.conf

Version: NetSUS 3.0.2 OS: RHEL 6.6 2.6.32-504.el6.x86_64 Problem: NetSUS web interface unable to update dhcpd.conf 1) I am unable to get NetSUS web interface to launch the NetBoot server by selecting "enable NetBoot" from webadmin > NetBoot Server > ...  View more

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Crashplan and "Allow" access thru Firewall

We are rolling out CrashPlan ProE with backups directly to the cloud. So we don't have an internal CrashPlan server. Deployment will be via Self Service So for our non-admin users, what is the best option to automatically set the Firewall to "Allow" ...  View more

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FileVault 2 reporting problems in smart groups

I have computers which are FV2 encrypted but don't show up in the smart group we created. We even had one system leave the group when upgrading from 10.10.0 to 10.10.1 I don't think it's a Yosemite issue though as we have Mavericks systems that are a...  View more

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FV2 deferred enablement - never enables

I'm in early stages of testing FV2 deployment, with little experience to fall back on. The first several were as expected; deploy config, logout, enablement/password prompt, reboot to pre-boot auth screen, login and encryption began. Cool, pats-on-ba...  View more

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Jumbo Frames for imaging OSX?

We're experimenting with ways to get the best performance out of imaging our OSX machines from a local JDS. Has anyone tried to do imaging from a JDS to MacBook's using Jumbo Frames? Pros? Cons? Did it help performance? We're also going to be adding ...  View more

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Suppress Yosemite App Store Notification via command???

We have the Yosemite installer blocked but are now looking for a way to block the entire notification all together, as users are still clicking on it and downloading it only to find out it's blocked. Anyone know how to suppress the upgrade notificati...  View more

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Renaming, unbinding and re-binding clients

Hey guys! We just recently started using Casper Suite in our organization and I've run into an issue. Basically, we have a bunch of computers that have different LocalHost names compared to their Active Directory names. Usually, their LocalHost name ...  View more

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Konica Minolta BizHub

I learned today that the Konica Minolta BizHub print driver is set to default to two-sided printing to save paper. In a school, always printing two-sided is not what we want. I talked to tech support at Marco and he said that it is simply a setting t...  View more

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Stolen MacBook - How did THIS happen?

Last night, I discovered that over the holiday weekend, we had an employee that had his home burglarized. The thief stole his corporate MacBook. I jumped on the JSS and found out that sure enough, the MacBook has been checking in regularly since it w...  View more

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Newbie Question

I am under time pressure and am going to place all of the requested iPad apps into SelfServe. Then, after I know what serial numbers are on the devices allocated for each class/grade, I will create Smart Groups. My question is this: Do I need to Scop...  View more

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