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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Install a specific cached package?

I noticed that when setting up a package in a policy, you can set under "Action" 'Install Cached'. Does that mean it will only install that cached package or is it like the check box in maintenance "Install Cached Packages"?  View more

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9.63 Mavericks 10.9.5 Stuck on Login Screen

We bind throughAD. We have been dealing with this error since we upgraded to 9.63 on 10.9.5 machines the login screen is stuck on unavailable network. The Mac is not getting an IP address, the minute, I remove Casper in Safe Mode and re-add Casper us...  View more

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Handling Policy Failures

Hi All, We are seeing a number of policy failures due to our users turning their machines off, going to sleep etc. I expect these to fail, especially at the stage of downloading the package (HTTP distribution point), so I'm ok with that. We just flus...  View more

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Apple Critical system updates

I wrote a couple of scripts to ensure my managed macs were getting apple critical updates for XProtect and Gatekeeper.It is a set of attribute and policy script which handles the update and also ensuring the needed settings are set.https://jumpt.word...  View more

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Deploying Firefox trusted sites in about:config

At my company we have internal sites that only work in Firefox once they are added to the trusted sites. I'd like to deploy a solution to my user base but don't know how to target the specific setting. I also want to ensure I don't delete any of the ...  View more

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Extension script problem

I've written an extension to basically grep the number from the name of a text file we used in our old imaging method to keep track of the image version installed on machines. The file is /Restore/ Image Version 6.5.3.txt (Note the space at the begin...  View more

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Disabling iCloud in iOS

Hello, In our iOS deployment we are currently trying to figure out how to disable the ability of users to sign into iCloud on managed devices. I see lots options for specific iCloud functionality in configuration profiles, but nothing that would stop...  View more

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Yosemite setComputerName change won't stick

Hi: Working with 10.10.1 and 10.10.2, Casper 9.63. From Terminal, locally on a machine, I'm running sudo jamf setComputerName -name "Name". Then I'll run sudo jamf recon. Just after, in Terminal (via scutil --get HostName/LocalHostName/ComputerName) ...  View more

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Block security and privacy except...

The goal of this policy is to block Security & Privacy from all users except the local admin that we push to all computers. Here is what I have tried Configuration profile Under Generalcategory = noneDistribution Method = Install automaticallyLevel =...  View more

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PWpolicy Commands Deprecated in Yosemite

Hi All, I'm hoping to save a few of your foreheads and keyboards by letting you know some of the most common and useful commands in the pwpolicy command line utility have been deprecated. If you look at the man page for pwpolicy in 10.9, the first si...  View more

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Using Casper Binding with AD - Help!

Hello all, My company and I are brand new to Casper and I've been testing different functions of the suite to see what we can utilize. I'm trying to get the built-in AD binding feature to work but it keeps saying the policy has failed when I attempt ...  View more

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Use DEP to keep stolen computers enrolled

It just dawned on me after a couple of Airs have gone missing or have been stolen recently that we could use DEP to keep those devices enrolled. The info is certainly out there on how to reinstall the OS and thus remove the jamf binary. Are there any...  View more

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Smart group for finding each OS X versions

I want to create 4 separate Smart groups, each based on the OS X.? version (lion, mountain lion, mavericks, yosemite) that could be installed on the mac. Each OS version will get a certain driver installed. I came up with the following simple one lin...  View more

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Block Tor Browser

Okay, so how do you block Tor Browser? I can't get it to work. I've tried using the Process name in Activity Monitor: Tor Browser, I've tried using the app name: TorBrowser and TorBrowser.app. I've tried /Tor Browser, /TorBrowser, /TorBrowser.app, an...  View more

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Encrypted External Backups

I'm have an incredibly frustrating problem on my hands and I'm hoping someone has an idea of what direction I should head in. I recently rolled out a large number of Time Machine drives to my company and created a Self Service policy that automatical...  View more

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Yosemite/9.63/losing Distribution Point

I'm finding that, after creating and adding anywhere from 1-3 pkgs to Casper Admin and then indexing them, the application is freezing and losing connection with my master distribution point. I can force quit Admin but have to reboot my Casper machin...  View more

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Deploystudio Network Storage for Image

I can't use the existing repository for capturing a new image as it's saying it's full.Can i setup a network share as the location for the image to be captured in Deploystudio? If yes how would i go about it?  View more

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Updating iWorks on Yosemite

In Mavericks, to deploy iWorks to users on an imaged machine I would take a new machine fresh out of the box, take a copy of iWorks on that machine, and then package those up and deploy them with the image, it would allow the user to update those app...  View more

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Enforcing screensaver settings

I built a custom attribute / policy that ensures my screensaver settings are always on and I wanted to share.Feedbacks are welcome.The actual screensaver settings are set via a Profile to ensure it kicks in after 5 min.What my script does is ensure t...  View more

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AD BIND after enroll ??

Just curious, I haven't tried it yet but I have a mac enrolled but NOT AD Bound. I am going to now AD Bind it via 'directory utility'. Afterwords will the JSS recognize it then being AD Bound and update its record from Not AD Bound to AD Bound ?  View more

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