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Jamf Pro 10.46.1 Now Available

Today we are releasing a maintenance version of Jamf Pro. Jamf Pro 10.46.1 fixes the following product issues: [PI111508] Resolved a broken access control issue within an authentication implementation (CVE-2023-31224). [PI111680] Jamf Pro users who u...  View more

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Jamf Pro 10.47.0 Beta 2 Is Now Available!!

Hello Jamf Nation! We're excited to announce as of Jamf Pro 10.47.0 Beta 2 in addition to the Release Notes we'll be using Jamf Engage Guides to call out new features and enhancements directly in your Jamf Pro Beta Instance! You'll find links to Beta...  View more

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Jamf Pro 10.46 - Release Notes Video

Customer Education is back again with our next Jamf Pro Release Notes video! Join us for an overview of some of the new features and enhancements that are available in Jamf Pro 10.46. We hope this resource continues to provide additional details to s...  View more

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Updates to Inbound/Outbound Traffic with Jamf Cloud

As a follow-up to a recent post regarding some additional IP address that have been included in the Outbound traffic from Jamf Cloud, below is a list of the Outbound IP Address that have been added. For a complete list, please see the “Permitting Inb...  View more

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selfservice:// links in Gmail

As we know, we can link directly to Self Service with selfservice:// URLs, however, in the Gmail browser interface these are stripped (presumably for security). Has anyone come up with a workaround for this?  View more

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NetSUS isn't giving clients the full catalog list

NetSUS is up and running. It is downloading updates, the URLs are accessible, all updates are enabled, and it seems to be properly behaving. And to keep things simple, I have one branch. It is named "root", is marked as root, and the catalog URL is h...  View more

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Prevent App Nap

Hi all, Does anyone have a way of enabling "prevent app nap" systematically? My main applications that would need it are Safari, Outlook, Anyconnect, Chrome, Firefox, Lync. Basically anything needed authentication. Thanks in advance.  View more

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Importing / Updating Assets

We would like to import our non-Apple computers and peripheral equipment into Casper for inventory tracking and integration with our Help Desk software (Web Help Desk). Additionally,we would like to import our Asset Tag data to update that field for ...  View more

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Turn shutdown into restart

I'm setting a policy to run at logout but I need the Mac to always restart, even if the user had chosen to shutdown. Setting the policy to restart immediately does not override the original shutdown command. Is there any way I can replace the shutdow...  View more

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Philadephia JAMF User Group 05/08/2014

@Seangallagher, thanks for a great get together! It was great to hear others' talk about how they use the product, the new JSS 9.31, and some of the hoops/solutions everyone has to deal with. And I finally got a chance to meet the folks on this forum...  View more

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EA for which power adapter

I don't suppose anybody has an EA that displays what power adapter to use (45w/85w/magsafe2/magsafe) handy do they? We get a lot of requests for additional/replacement power adapters, and the end users and the analyst handling the requests don't usua...  View more

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Using a non-local Management account

Hi All, Is there a way to have the JSS use a non-local user account for the Management account, i.e. an AD service account? Does anyone do something like this in their environment?  View more

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Single App Mode - Photos

Is it possible to put an iPad in Single App Mode with the native Photos app? My Admissions department would like to have their iPad in Single App Mode (Photos) during school hours. I can see all the Apps that are installed on the JSS, but I don't see...  View more

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Script to extract data from a plist file

I'm new to scripting the MAC OS and looking for some help to gather version info from a plist file. My goal is to create an extension attribute that will use a bash script to tell me if clients have MozyEnterprise installed. Mozy doesn't seem to inst...  View more

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Difference between File Share Distribution and JDS

Hello, For some reason I can't seem to get my head around this and apologies in advance for sounding dumb but what is the difference exactly? At present we have a master File Share Distribution point which we pump all our items (pkgs/scripts/configs)...  View more

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JAMF Nation T-Shirt on the TV Show The Blacklist

Hi all, I was catching up with The Blacklist a TV show from NBC and I noticed a JAMF Nation T-Shirt being worn by someone at a party. Its Episode 13 - The Cypress Agency, when Red and Lizzie go into a house looking for info from a illegal Pharmacist,...  View more

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Help Casper Imaging to find its target volume

Casper Imaging selects by default (for all hosts without stored imaging data) the first volume named "Macintosh HD" and complains if there is no such volume. @jhenkel shared a nice way to provide Casper Imaging another hint to find its target volume:...  View more

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Child Node Error

Has anyone seen this before and have a fix? I'm stuck and need to get my JSS back up ASAP! I have a master behind the firewall and one on the DMZ and after I updated the DMZ both URLs are giving me the same child node error! Help!  View more

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Installing QuickAdd without user interaction

What's up JAMF Nation?? Okay tell me I'm making this too complicated, and you all have a really easy fix for me here.. Problem: If I'm using Casper Imaging from an external disk and imaging machine, I can't enroll it into our JSS (because the machine...  View more

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Cons of disabling certificate-based authentication

Hi.. We are having an issue where Cisco AnyConnect always wants to access the private key of the certifcate installed by the JSS in the System Keychain. We can't go around and modify everyone's private key to allow AnyConnect access to it, so we thou...  View more

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Mounting Windows Home Directory

Hey all, I would like to automate the mounting of our Users Windows home directory. If I leave "Use UNC path from Active Directory to derive network home location" checked, it will find the home folder (or at least it seems), place it in the right si...  View more

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