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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Monterey update

Hello Team, I would like to seek your assistance, as we all know Monterey is in coming and we would like to roll out the upgrade smoothly for end users. However, there's this pop up admin credentials that we have been facing and we just can't give th...  View more

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The Worst Admin Task...

Greetings Jamf Nation. I have been wanting to post about this for some time and see how everyone else is handling it. There is an Administration Task I do constantly which just, eats up my time and I hate it. How does everyone else handle weeding out...  View more

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Installing .app to Catalina and Big Sur

I'm trying to install Barracuda Backup Agent via JAMF to my macs, but the only installation Barracuda provides is an .app file within a .dmg. In the past, I'd just capture the installation in Composer and deploy. But now with the wonderful Read Only ...  View more

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VPN iOS recommendation

Hey guys,I am in the middle of setting up Jamf Pro. Right now I am trying to figure out how I should set up the VPN. Before we had Jamf, the iOS devices had the OpenVPN Connect app. Our users have to authenticate with an 2FA RSA securid token. Our VP...  View more

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iPad utilization

Hello All, Wondering if there are any suggestions for a good ipad utilization report/tool? I find this a bit interesting as if there is/was a way to utilize screen time on a enterprise scale that would probably be the perfect solution. On computer si...  View more

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HDCP issues

Our company will shortly be offering Mac to the entire company. One issue we run into in some conference rooms is that the signal will either be blocked or flash and show green. We have narrowed the issue down to an HDCP issue. The issue can be resol...  View more

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ADCS - Failed to inject certificates into the profile

Hi guysI am out of ideas, I'm hoping someone here can help me.We use Global Protect in our company, and have set up the jamfconnector to retrieve the certificates.We have an ADCS configuration profile, which has been working fine up until now. Newly ...  View more

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Hi Team,I am looking for the notification tab in jamf pro. If I need the screenshot of notification tab, where can I see it?or how can I add the notification to get the users for software updates? Can you please help me with this?  View more

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Composer 10.30.x issues with macOS 11

I have an .app bundle contained in a .dmg that I am trying to package to deploy to our fleet of machines to the /Applications directory. When I package this via composer utilizing either drag and drop from /Applications to Composer, or via normal sna...  View more

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McAfee Firewall System Extension

Hi, We are trying to deploy McAfee Firewall but on Catalina (10.15.7) we have a "System Extension Blocked" window for "McAfeeSystemextensions" and we are unable to approve it as well as McAfee Network Extension in the Privacy tab in Full Access disk....  View more

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Tracking Asset State Using Extension Attributes?

How heavily do most of you leverage extension attributes to track the state of a laptop, such as in-service, out-of-service, damaged, out for repair or slated for return to the IT team because a staff member has departed/been terminated?We don't have...  View more

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Force Install

Hi Team,1. If the user didn't install the software update via jamf pro(self service), then how to forcely install the software update.2. What can we configure to ensure the security updates are available in Self Service so users can install them? Or ...  View more

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Always on VPN for MacOS

I'm looking for clues on whether AoVPN using IKEv2 can be done and how. I can see that IKEv2 is available as a protocol for iOS in the VPN Configuration Profile settings but not for MacOS in the corresponding VPN Configuration Profile settings.There ...  View more

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Softwareupdate --fetch-full-installer

Anyone else experiencing Softwareupdate --fetch full installer just downloading macOS Big Sur? I am trying to grab an early version of macOS Catalina and for whatever reason even with the version 10.15.1 argument it is still downloading 11.6 Big Sur....  View more

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Network profile could not be installed.

Hi all,I am trying to install a network profile for the corporate wifi and it failed to install it on the station.The error that appears in Jamf under Failed Commands is : ״The ‘Wi-Fi Network’ payload could not be installed. The 802.1X service could ...  View more

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Refresh EDU profile?

Anyone know of a way to refresh the EDU profile on managed devices? We're experiencing an issue with Apple Classroom where student devices are claiming their EDU student/teacher certificates are expired, and refreshing the EDU profile appears to fix ...  View more

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Self Service and VPP Apps in Pending

We currently have a wide spread issue in my school district where if a device is set up, Self Service will not install.Once self service installs (randomly, we have to wait anywhere between 8 hours to a few days), we attempt to install apps and it's ...  View more

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Application Restriction: Slack

I am trying to make a software restriction to kill and remove Slack on macOS but for some reason it does not seem to be working. I have tried using slack.app and the service name which is just slack, the app just keeps running happily. Any ideas? I w...  View more

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reset dock to default

I'm trying to reset the dock to default via Self Service policy using the following execute command in files and processesdefaults delete com.apple.dock; killall Dockit does nothing to the users dock that ran the self service policy!!! itjust makes t...  View more

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Restrict Monterey

I am trying to restrict Monterey Installations for the time being using Software Restriction in Jamf.I have 2 restrictions. 1 for Beta and 1 for release.When the installer runs I see the process name in Activity MonitorInstall macOS Monterey beta.app...  View more

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AD home directory disappear from few Mac in Big sur

Hi,I had integrate a classroom with 11 iMac M1 (Big sur) in my ADThey did work correctly few weeks, the globe's shorcut appeared automatically in the dock and worked correctlyBut now this shortcut has disappeared and i don't know how replace it Do yo...  View more

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