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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Unable to configure Apple TV

Trying to get our 1st aTV into Jamf, and getting nowhere. Unfortunately, the KB article I've found here seems out-dated, as it is still suggesting that the configuration will be done over USB. Here is what I'm seeing: I've created an enrollment profi...  View more

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Device location - no logged in user?

Greetings all,I am wondering if it is possible to locate a MacBook Air device, a ping to gather the current IP address, even if there is no user logged in. We would like to ping the device no matter where it is as long as it is on. I think this is ki...  View more

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Permissions on JAMFSoftwareServer.log

Has anyone else noticed that the permissions on JAMFSoftwareServer.log has changed to remove read from the Other attribute. Somewhere in the 10.x versions, I believe, a change occurred that made the JAMFSoftwareServer.log permissions go from -rw-r--r...  View more

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Mojave : Login Window bug ?

Hi, I have a problem with MacOS Mojave when I have 'Login Window' payload with "Show computer's administrators" unchecked. Computers with only administrator accounts can't log in because no login/password fields appears. Have you ever had this bug? M...  View more

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Run script if nobody is logged in

Hey folks. This is likely something ridiculously simple to do, but I'm trying to find a way of running a script via Jamf that checks if Mac is sat at a login screen with nobody logged in, and then triggers another policy to run if that's the case. I ...  View more

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Naming standard on mac

I guess I am not the only one having issues how to setup naming standards for Mac that follow company rules. For us we need simply having a country code as - fx US-%mac address - so would like US-E34E3E4TE5 But what is the best way to set this up as ...  View more

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Quickadd Package on Enrollment

Hi all, This may be a stupid question but I am relatively new to managing computers with Jamf (only 5 managed so far). I have been testing enrolling my test MacBook Pro and unenrolling a few times to make sure everything comes down as we want it. Ins...  View more

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Broken Notification Center Notifications?

Has anyone else run into issues where macOS users no longer receive Notification Center notifications from Jamf patch management events? For a long time this worked fine. I'd update an app via JPS patch management, and the user would get a Notificati...  View more

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Jailbreak Detection on iPads Reliable?

Since this topic has not been discussed here in recent years I would like to know if Jailbreak detection is reliable or not now. I am using a smart group to check for the is jailbreak trigger and I have had two detections during my rollout of JAMFpro...  View more

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T2 Chip and Apple Updates

I've had a couple of t2 MBP's refuse to run OS and security updates on wired connections. We aren't blocking anything and it seems to run on wireless just fine. Is this how the t2 firmware functions? My educated guess is that the firmware for etherne...  View more

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802.1X auto-join authentication with NoMAD

Hi there, looking for some assistance. Background: Using Macs that are NOT bound to AD, but use NoMAD to sync local user's account credentials to the domain and generate kerberos tickets for authentication to domain resources. Tickets work properly t...  View more

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OT - Job Title

Good day, I know this is a little off topic but what are your Job titles? I'm a Technical Analyst for our local school district. I'm not a school tech, I mainly handle our division office with IT stuff and manages iOS devices. For people that handles...  View more

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iMac causing AD account to Lock everyday.

Hi all, we are experiencing issues with some Active Directory accounts locking when they come to log into the machine their account is locked. Just for a bit of content our iMacs have DeepFreeze enabled on them so the rules out keychain and they also...  View more

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Resetting a cloned VM

Hi, I make a lot of Fusion VMs for testing. I would like to have JAMF already installed to save having to Recon them each time. JAMF Pro sees the clone as the same machine each time. Is there a way to force JAMF Pro to see this as a new machine. Than...  View more

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Install Microsoft Office 2019 w/Install Status GUI

Hello, I'm looking to deploy Office 2019 via script "installer -pkg "office.pkg" -target /" but I'd like to have the same installation status GUI appear that you would get as if you launched the installer manually by double clicking on it. The applic...  View more

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