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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Wrong OS installed

Hi everyone, weird question here. I have a policy that runs the command "/Applications/Install macOS High Sierra.app/Contents/Resources/startosinstall" --nointeraction & scoped to some users on self service so that they can press a button and upgrade...  View more

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Adding OD network group to local admins

I am mostly writing this here so I can find it again in the future, because I have to do this again every few years... But if this helps others - or if you know why this will break in the future - let me know. Create a new policy, go into Files and P...  View more

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Mass Remove Dock Icons: dockutil script

I wrote this because I got tired of rewriting scripts every year when Adobe adds/changes or replaces the names of their applications. It was just boring writing that stuff. Here is a script that will mass remove based on keywords. Enjoy: #!/bin/bash ...  View more

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NetInstall PostFlight Scripts?

I am trying to add a script to my Mojave NetInstall image that will remove the firmware password. I have an Expect script that I use that works well. I can build the NetInstall image without any scripts, but when I try to add any scripts System Image...  View more

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Mojave login screen

I've some users who recently upgraded to Mojave. On the login screen they get an icon, but clicking it does nothing. The users can get to the login prompt by using Option+Return. Our Configuration Profile has the login screen set to "Show Other" Just...  View more

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Assigning Prestage Enrollment?

Hello,We are now utilizing DEP and Prestage Enrollments for "imaging". We are now automatically adding new devices to our default Prestage Enrollment. However, we don't want to add all of our existing computers to this Enrollment because of issues we...  View more

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Anyone ever look at setting up NetSUS in AWS?

In the interest of being able to control what OS updates are made available to my organization's Macs, and when they're made available, I'm looking at setting up a NetSUS. So it could be accessed on or off the corporate network being hosted on AWS se...  View more

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NoMad Login Setup for beginner

Hello Jamfnation! I just got back to work from JNUC 2018 and I'm very excited to put into use all the new things I learned. I manage a small fleet of 25 MacBooks, this is expected to double next year. We're using DEP to enroll our machines but would ...  View more

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iCloud Find my Mac

We are thinking of signing into iCloud on about 100-150 student laptops at different school buildings using one site-specific AppleID per building. Anyone see any caveats to doing this? Any way to automate this through the JSS?  View more

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I am trying to deploy GeekTool to our users so that we can see their Computer name and IP address. I am able to deploy the app and the .glet that we want to use but I'm unable to get it to start on login and to be enabled. Once deployed the user has ...  View more

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eBooks not pushing to iPads overnight

We recently setup 100 iPads for training and development teams, we were pushing 15 ebooks to the devices via a static group and when I checked this morning they still were pending for the downloading of the ebooks. Shouldn't they check in and pull th...  View more

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Jamf Rebooting After Script Policy

I have a Default Configuration Policy that runs a script to trigger other policys in the correct order. But the Default Policy INSISTS on rebooting the machine in 5 mins, even though i have the reboot payload set to Do Not Reboot (mostly to test the ...  View more

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DEP prestage + Mojave + Directory bind issue

Using DEP enrollment with Mojave & Domain Bind & skip account creation at enrollment results in you not being able to login to a domain account as the login text fields are hidden as long as the device can communicate with the domain controller (text...  View more

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Office 2016 AutoUpdate

Hi What is the simplest and easy way of getting Office 2016 updates pushed to my environment without the end user having to seek an admin to put in their creds. Ideally we just want it to check the device and if it finds an update, then for it to do ...  View more

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BitBarDistro- remove "quit" from menu

I'm using bitbar to solely to display the current user. BitBar is being used because "fast user switching" gives the ability to have multiple users logged in at once, plus the ability to lock the screen. Neither of these things fit in a lab environme...  View more

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Post DEP Imaging

So currently we deploy our new MacBooks through DEP and everything works great. And if we need to "re-image" them I am currently using Deploy Studio to install just the base OS. Now with High Sierra and above it appears this is not going to be a viab...  View more

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Chrome in k12

Trying to make chrome enterprise work for our 1:1 students and staff district wide. Any tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated!  View more

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Avecto Defendpoint v.5.2

I am trying to set up Defendpoint and cannot find where to put the .xml file. The documentation says /etc/pguard/ but that directory does not exist. I don't have access to the latest documentation and I can't find anything online. I did find /etc/def...  View more

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Thanks IBM

It was only a matter of time , Thanks IBM Enrollement Apologies if this is a repost  View more

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