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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Mass Delete Using Serial Number List?

Hello, We are in the process of selling many of out 8th grade MacBooks to the students. We are marking them sold in our cataloging system and have run the removeframework (along with many other tasks), but we never figured out how to script deleting ...  View more

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Uninstalling FortiClient the fun and easy way

Fortinet's recent FortiOS 5.4.1 release for their FortiGate security appliances prevents any version of FortiClient prior to 5.4.1 from registering to the appliance. Users may even get a "FortiClient is being actively blocked from registration" which...  View more

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Manage ipfw rules with configuration profiles?

We need to push some specific ipfw rules to machines. Can anyone suggest a way to do this with configuration profiles? We need port 22 open for Casper Remote, but don't want to expose people's laptops to port 22 when they leave campus. We need a rule...  View more

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No admin accounts, how to add one?

I know, there are a lot of ways normally, but hear me out. I'm working on a Mac Mini that is having issues. After enrolling it in Casper and bringing it up to El Cap, at some point during this process, all admin rights were removed from all the accou...  View more

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Using Apple Classroom without Users

Switching from user-based app deployment to device-based app deployment, and hoping to avoid using any AppleID. At the same time, can Apple's Classroom app be used so that teacher/student/class assignments are all device based? Hoping to avoid using ...  View more

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Ticket Viewer on 10.11.5 (and perhaps other OS versions)

I am finding that when I log into my computer, I get a kerberos tgt ticket with the user name in lower-case (i.e. jsmith@TEST.COM) . But if I request a kerberos TGT ticket using Ticket Viewer on 10.11.5 (on a Mac bound to Active Directory) I get the ...  View more

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Tomcat Memory Allocation, Alternatives?

Is there another way to up Tomcats’ memory in Windows other than using tomcat7w.exe? We’re running our JSS on Windows 2012 R2, and our DB is MySQL on a separate Linux server. I’d like to up Tomcat’s memory via the JSS, but when I try and use C:Progra...  View more

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Advice on Profile Exclusions

All of my managed Macs have a login window Profile that prevents automatic login. End result: Everyone must authenticate at the OS X login window with AD (or cahched) credentials. Typical IT privacy/secuirty policy etc. I deployed a new home/remote o...  View more

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upgrade to 9.92 now not running policies on enrollment

Just had an upgrade from 9.81 to 9.92, I have now noticed that since the upgrade, policies that run on 'Enrollment' are not running. looking at the /var/log/jamf.log shows 'checking for policies triggered by "enrollmentComplete" but none of the enrol...  View more

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SMART Notebook Activation

We're imaging using a monolithic image and I'm having issues activating SMART Notebook on OS X. I'm trying to activate SMART Notebook automatically using their silent image command, but it isn't working. When I run the command in Terminal, it works f...  View more

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Rename Dock Item in Casper Admin ??

is it possible to change the name (in Casper Admin) associated with a Dock Item ? if so how ? for example; application is named Pumpkin.app but I want the dock item to be named 'Pump' NOT Pumpkin  View more

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Self Service won't install in Imaging process

First time using Casper Imaging and ran into a few hiccups, but slowly working them out. Biggest issue now is Self Service will not install on the imaged machines. We are using target imaging, and it laying down El Capitian, and a few other packages....  View more

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Time to upgrade?

This Fall we will be significantly increasing our device load on the current JSS server. Right now it is a 4x core Xeon with 8GB RAM. Runs fine but has had some 'slowness' issues this past school year. DB is local. This Fall we will be hitting 6K iPa...  View more

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Setting / Verifying Mac SUS problem...

I've set up a Software Update Server and pointed clients at it in the JSS. This seems to work fine on most clients, but on a few it's still going to Apple / App Store for updates. if I run the command to check where it's pointed: sudo defaults read /...  View more

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Homebrew potentially breaking JAMF binary

So as part of the homebrew installation process it advises that you may need to perform the following if you're on El Cap sudo chown $(whoami):admin /usr/local && sudo chown -R $(whoami):admin /usr/local user/ Obviously with the JAMF binary being loc...  View more

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Microsoft office

Hello, How can i add Microsoft office and photo shop in my image with serial number in it Any help  View more

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Homepage Extension Atribute

We pushed out a new homepage to our company Macs. We pushed out a terminal command that changed Safari and Firefox homepages and a pkg for Chrome homepages. We are now looking for an EA that will detect the homepage of each browser to make sure every...  View more

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Add macOS Sierra to Casper?

Hi all, I'm trying to get my hands on a copy of macOS Sierra from our developers. I was just wondering what format the OS is in this year? Do they provide you with the full OS, or just a package file that directs you to the App Store to download it? ...  View more

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Adobe Updates Download - best practice

Please recommend the best place where to download full images of last Adobe updates. I use CCPLauncher to build the distribution packages for updates, but - honestly - it works terribly. It bring me 3 errors of 4 times I build the package. As Adobe a...  View more

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SPSS 24 silent install and java

I have a self service policy that i'm testing to install IBM SPSS 24. I'm using the .bin file and the installer.properties file to set install options. The silent install needs java installed. The policy installs both Java and the SPSS 24. The policy...  View more

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Use JAMFHelper to create a message with a hyperlink?

Hey all,Trying to find a way to have jamf helper post a message that has clickable links. Perhaps one of the buttons could be set to go to that link. If not I could always push a link to their desktop and just have them double click it, but I'd rathe...  View more

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The slftool thread

So, el capitan has a new binary called sfltool. It has been discussed a few times, and I have incorporated it into my firstrun script to add items to the sidebar. I think many more uses for this will be discovered.Here is my script as an example. #!/...  View more

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JSS 9.92 - java 8u92 - mysql 5.7.13

Hello all, We are looking at rebuilding our JSS server(s) this summer from scratch (preserving db of course - already at version 9.92). Has anyone had any issues with the following software matrix? : Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.5MySQL Community Server ...  View more

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JDS status on Dashboard

This is probably really simple and I'm just missing something, but for some reason I've not been able to search out the answer. During our JumpStart the technician from our reseller demonstrated a way to set up an indicator on the Dashboard showing t...  View more

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Show output un Self service app

Hi All, Wondering how to show output in the self service app. Like when in terminal executing sudo jamf policy it shows what it is doing. I'd like to see the same in the self service app.  View more

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