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Jamf Pro 11.1.0 Beta Now Available!

Hello Jamf Nation!Jamf Pro 11.1.0 Beta is now releasedWe're excited to announce that this beta includes Remote Assist and macOS Self Service Onboarding along with many other features and fixes. How to join the beta: Enroll in the Beta Program under P...  View more

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Jamf Pro Beta Server Maintenance

Hello all! Access to the personal Beta instances you are able to request when you join the Jamf Pro Beta Program will be unavailable for an extended period of time over the coming weeks for maintenance. We'll let you know when they're back online! Th...  View more

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Deploying Bomgar JumpClient to Macs using Casper

Hey All, It took me a while to figure out how best to do this, but thought I would share it for everyone here just incase someone else uses Bomgar to support their Org. I am somewhat novice when working with Policies and Casper Admin, but the Bomgar ...  View more

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Filevault profile preventing password changes

So I decided to try managing FileVault with Casper, and I setup a profile as they did in this video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mz1H__EsnPM We bind our Macs to AD with Centrify. Encryption went fine (although it was showing the users the key, so I...  View more

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Casper imaging new mac pro

hi has any one succeeded using new mac pro and casper imaging ? i am able to net boot them... no problem... but when casper imaging gets to the point of downloading the image DMG on the drive... it just freezes right away and casper imaging closes......  View more

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Custom Config Profile Payloads & Safari Plugins

Sharing: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT6168 This looks supremely useful. The problem I'm running into is that the JSS doesn't actually have this level of implementation for the Custom Config Profile payload; you have to upload a formatted plist (frag...  View more

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Tracking computers?

I've been looking at different solutions for tracking computers that are stolen. At the moment we don't have any way of recovering stolen machines. We were supposed to start using Computrace but it seems that Computrace wont work if you have your dri...  View more

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Old Binary and Not Checking In

Post version 9 upgrade, we have almost 70 out of 1200 computers that didn't get the updated 9.24 binary, still running at 8.73. Compounded, it looks like they are't checking in. Any other option other than manually touching these and re-running the q...  View more

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MacWorld / MacIT Conference Meetup?

Anybody heading to San Francisco next week for MacWorld/MacIT? Love to meet up with some of my fellow Casper admins. Is that an appropriate usage for the User Group section? Or perhaps the JAMF folks themselves are doing something neat for the confer...  View more

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Reporting / Collecting Updated Battery Conditions

I have come across several MBPs in our environment where the battery was "failing" although they don't say that anymore. Some time ago Apple changed the battery condition status to things like: - Replace Soon- Replace Now- Service Battery The questio...  View more

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SSL Cert problems with Go Daddy cert

I am brand new to using casper and have minimal experience with installing certificates. We have been trying to get a cert installed but it keeps failing. I followed this guide https://jamfnation.jamfsoftware.com/article.html?id=115. We are running J...  View more

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Comparing Variable to Wildcard in Shell Script

Pretty basic question about shell scripting. I'm writing a script to check the current logged in user and delete the dock.plist in that users folder if the current user is a generic library account. Our generic accounts all end in lib, such as: bolib...  View more

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Configuration Profiles with Static Groups

I just started setting up Configurations Profiles in Casper. I want to set up a Login Window with our corporate computer usage policy. I initially put two Macs in the static group to receive the Login Window Config Profile and it worked fine. I then ...  View more

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Recon not collecting user and location information

JSS 9.2 on 10.9.2, server 3.0.3 Under "Computer Inventory Collection" settings in JSS, the "Collect user and location information from LDAP" box is checked, but this information is not showing up under "User and Location" on a computer inventory scre...  View more

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Servers in JSS?

Just out of curiosity, do you add your servers to the JSS for tracking (updates, hardware info, etc) and what not?  View more

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Change notification center alert duration

Does anyone know how to successfully change then capture the changes made to the Notifications pane in System Preferences so I can then push the settings to end users? I would like to change the Management Action from Banners to Alerts so the notific...  View more

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Adding mycompant certiciate

I am a novice in Mac OS & Casper.. we have been asked to add company specific certificates on all our Mac machines. Going thru the forums i found that we need to create a package for certificate & use the script importCAcert.sh available in community...  View more

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Prevent the Creation of Windows VMs Locally

I'm hoping there is a way to accomplish this without just blacklisting Fusion and Parallels. Though here's what I'm up against... We have taken a rather hard line against virtualizing the Windows OS on our Macs. The reason for this isn't technical, b...  View more

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Help wanted: Part time JSS admin

We are looking for a skilled JSS admin to help with a few projects on our JSS. We can discuss details if you're interested. The work we have could be done anytime so if you're looking for a little extra side work this might be just the ticket.  View more

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DVD Region Unlock Script

Is anyone using a script to unlock the DVD region so that a non-admin that opens the DVD player app for the first time can set the region? This script is no longer supported with Mavericks.  View more

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Minneapolis Area JAMF User Group

Hello Everyone,This is just to get the discussion going that I've started looking in to a JAMF User Group meeting in the Minneapolis area sometime in the mid to late April timeframe. We'll likely be talking DEP, AppleID for Students, and iOS 7.1, alo...  View more

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Fonts package unable to install using Composer

Hi All, I'm very new to Casper suite so please bear with me. I created a fonts package using Composer utility by following below steps however unable to install the fonts using this package Selected Normal Snapshot option Performed fonts installation...  View more

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Replaced boot drive, now 'device signature' error

Replaced a users hard drive with an SSD. Copied the old drive to the new and now when i run a recon, it gives the following error: Getting management framework from the JSS... There was an error. Device Signature Error - A valid device signature is r...  View more

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