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quickadd.pkg with High Sierra

when i enroll a computer running fresh installation of 10.13. using the quickadd.pkg i will check on the 'profile' in system preferences , the MDM profile has the yellow alert icon and the description says functionality may be limited until this prof...  View more

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EA data being blanked out

Running into a new one that I've not encountered before. We use Centrify to bind to AD. I have a fairly simple EA, which basically uses Centrify's "adquery" command to pull the computer's .ou and stick it into the computer record. This allows us to s...  View more

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Windows home drives

Hi, We have successfully mapped home drives so that the Windows home drive appears on the dock, however we have received a request to make the home drives appear in the favorites on the side of Finder. Is there any way to automate this ? The macs are...  View more

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DEP Listing Navigation?

I tried to search around and didn't seem to get anything useful. Are DEP device lists and Prestage Enrollment scopes supposed to have navigation to let you page through the devices? I can filter - but what if I just want to browse in the list of filt...  View more

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Jamf Pro server is eating CPU after a while it breaks.

Hi, After i have uploaded new MS Office packages for patch management, like i do many times our Jamf Pro Server JSS is eating 100% CPU and is not working properly. No changes made, except above.No recon overkill oi. A fresh reboot will work for a cou...  View more

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Screen Share not working on Remote Computers

We have screen share setup and it works flawlessly if the computers are on our internal network but I can't seem to get it to work at all if they are remote (i.e. working from home) I can see the systems on Jamf Remote and confirmed the IP's are corr...  View more

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FIXED: Tomcat 8 Will Not Launch After JRE Update

Ran into this issue and thought I'd share the solution, as I couldn't find anything on here about a fix. After applying a Java update to my Windows 2012 Server running my JSS, I was unable to restart the underlying Apache Tomcat 8 instance, and could...  View more

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GFX First logon script

Hi all,I've got a problem that I hope should be easy to solve. I have a script that is set to trigger on first time login that configures the dock/wallpaper and various other things. Problem is, the script triggers ok, but fails to execute commands. ...  View more

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Configs turning to "pending"

Hey folks I've got a lot of machines changing to "pending" on their wireless configuration profiles, when I open up the keychain they appear to have lost the login details for our wireless network :S, anyone have an idea what might be causing this? I...  View more

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Enrollment of Pre-existing iPads

I have several iPads that we were managing (poorly) that we are trying to migrate from our old server into the new server of jamf. I am running into the issue where one device I have has been entered into DEP via deploy.apple.com and the device is di...  View more

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SentinelOne Anti Visrus?

Does anyone have any first-hand knowledge or opinions on SentinelOne. I have never heard of them until today when a local security consultant recomended them for Windows & Mac. Curious if anyone has experence installing/managing this product. Sentine...  View more

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JSS not getting updated computer name

I wrote a script to rewrite the computer name. We're using Enterprise Connect, and I have a bash script that's deployed (pkg) to /Library/Scripts/ec, and then gets executed to write the computer name to /tmp/ecUser: #!/bin/bash echo $1 > /tmp/ecUser ...  View more

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Machines unable to re-enroll

Hey all, We in a 10.1 environment that we host ourselves and lately we've had a few machines stop talking to our JSS. However, when we attempt to re-enroll the devices the enrollment using a fresh QuickAdd.pkg the process stalls out and eventually fa...  View more

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Computer naming script to pull information from JSS

Looking for a computer naming script to pull information from the General Field within each computers record in JAMF. User and Location = Building, From the General tab = Asset Tag, Model - from the hardware tab. Is this possible? Can someone share s...  View more

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Zero-byte Application being installed

I created an application to map network drives using @bentoms 's instructions at https://macmule.com/2011/09/08/how-to-map-drives-printers-based-on-ad-group-membership-on-osx/#comment-37621. It works great, but I'm having a problem packaging it. I cr...  View more

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Custom Login Background for High Sierra - Share?

Been having trouble deploying our custom login background ever since 10.12 dropped and still no luck with 10.13. I've read countless posts, including this really popular one, I can get my image to copy over to the correct location with appropriate pe...  View more

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Reeeeeeally stupid question

I'm noticing in patch management there is an option for macOS updates. With all the other applications there's a needed definition (in pkg or dmg form) for a patch policy to run. Where are we supposed to get the update source files for package creati...  View more

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Hello, Is there a command line tool that will help me search for users accounts with either "Network/Managed" or "Mobile/Managed." Example: user_a mobile/managed, ect. ect. Thanks in advance!  View more

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Apple Mail IMAP won't allow insecure authentication

Since release of High Sierra, this feature of Mail is broken. Mail > Preferences > Accounts > pick IMAP account > Server Settings > Advanced IMAP Settings. When you check the box to enable, and close the popup, it doesn't save the setting. Maybe it's...  View more

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Network accounts resetting

We have a set of cart computers that are used by our advanced technology classes. They are all on OS 10.12. These computers are bound to our domain, but have local accounts. Students sign in using a generic "period1", "period2", etc. accounts because...  View more

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