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Jamf Pro 11.4.0 Beta is now available

Hello Jamf Nation! This release is in support of the Apple Spring release. We have several exciting new features including beta MDM support for Apple Vision Pro, Self Service initial app detection, Support Digital Market Act app restriction, and more...  View more

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Enabling the Firewall in Yosemite (10.10.2)

I’m tightening a few things down and was searching across JAMF Nation for a resolve in 10.10.2, specifically with finding a script on enabling the firewall. I ran across this script which seemed to bit quite a bit older and created by a couple of tec...  View more

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Security Update 2015-004

Does anyone know if this is a comprehensive update? I understand requirements are 10.8.5 or 10.9.5 but does anyone know if this update replace previous security updates?  View more

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Outlook 15.8 Packaging queries

Hi, We are planning for Outlook 15.8 Deployment. We are in the process of Packaging the Outlook. I can see it uses the same com.microsoft.autoupdate2.plist in ~/Library/Preferences for disabling the automatic update. But we need to suppress the Welco...  View more

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JAMF Binary 'log' verb

Hello, I've found that Googling this seems ineffective since it looks for the JAMF log, rather than the binary verb. Can anyone direct me to some information on what this verb actually DOES? The jamf help log command string doesn't seem to really pro...  View more

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Can't Change Email (JAMF Nation)

Hello JAMF, I can't seem to change my password in "My Profile > Email Options". I enter an email, but I don't receive an email in my inbox (checked all my folders). Would someone be able to help me out?  View more

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Evernote Preferences

I've been testing on 10.9.5 with Evernote 6.0.8. I'm looking at the preferences for Evernote and I've gathered the following: Disable showing Evernote Helper in menubar: helperPrefsHaveBeenSet showsStatusBarItem Disable Evernote Helper from running...  View more

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Sydney Mac Admins April 2015 Meet Up

If you manage or administer devices with an Apple logo and are in Sydney on the 16th, you should come along to meet your peers. Take part in an informal chat and share what has and hasn't been working for you and others. Find out what is new, what wo...  View more

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Force Kerberos Authentication on company Intranet Site

Hey all, So I'm trying to wrap my head around an issue we have in this environment. All of our PC's are able to get onto our company intranet site without re-authenticating. But the AD bound Macs all require us to enter our AD credentials to get on t...  View more

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How to restrict printer usage by dept?

So what I've been tasked with is preventing everybody but one specific department in our company from printing to a Splash RIP that belongs to the department in question. I already have the dept. set up in Casper as a department, I already have the p...  View more

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10.10.3 Combo Update breaks Office 2011

Hello, I just finished updating my NBI to work with the Early 2015 MBA's. Got that done and booting on the latest hardware (thanks @bentoms !!). I then started to do a refresh on our Yosemite 10.10.2 image. I applied the 10.10.3 Combo update and when...  View more

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JAMF IT Open Source project

Hi JAMF Nation - We’re often asked by customers, the JAMF Nation community, and internal Sales and Support staff “How do we do X internally at JAMF?" I’m excited to announce that the JAMF IT team has started open sourcing all of our scripts, code, an...  View more

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We are trying to figure out how we want to do our distribution point. Are there any advantages or disadvantage using HTTP over SMB distribution points.  View more

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Smart Computer Groups - Partition Name

I set up a Smart Computer Group with the criteria Partition Name has Macintosh. I'm not getting any results even though I know there are 500+ machines that the boot drive is named Macintosh HD. What am I doing wrong?  View more

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[OT] McAffee Encryption

Is there anybody that's had experience with encryption with McAffee and macs/jamf? Our info sec team said they are planning to switch over to it and was hoping to be aware of any gotchas.  View more

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C. Imaging and partition wiping

Does C. Imaging wipe the partitions when you do the erase drives? In the past (9.63 and lower) we've had to run a script that wipes the partitions and then recreates as one, then we run C. Imaging and it does it's voodoo and redoes the recovery parti...  View more

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Bypassing Restricted Software

I am having an issue with users being able to copy an application to another location on the local machine and to run application such as Mail, Messages, Facetime, Terminal, and some others. I have created entries in Restricted Software for Mail.app,...  View more

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802.1x Machine and user Auth

Hi All, I am trying to get our computers to use Machine authentication while logged out and then when a user logs in it changes to user authentication.I know I can set a device auth using profile manager and certificates and also user authentication ...  View more

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Best Practices for School wide testing

We are starting the "M-Step" next week. This is Michigan's new online testing program. I did a snap shot method to creat the package, and it works just fine. The program places a couple of ions on the desktop for testing. What I'm wondering is: has a...  View more

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10.10.3 and WebEx Productivy Tools now Working

WebEx Productivity tools is finally working on our network with 10.10.3. This is going to be a huge win for our MAC users as they can now schedule WebEx meetings directly using their Outlook client. After countless hours troubleshooting with Apple En...  View more

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