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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Client ID on PreStage Enrollment Not Taking

I'm trying to get the $SERIALNUMBER to be the computer name of Macs that are joined to AD in a DEP PreStage Enrollment. $SERIALNUMBER doesn't seems to work it keeps defaulting to Macbook Air or whatever the device type is. This device has been in JSS...  View more

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Approved Kernel Extension disables inbuilt camera

Hey, I deployed a Config Profile with an Approved Kernel Extension payload and the camera on all affected MacBooks within the scope have been disabled. I've removed the payload and pushed it back out which did not fix. I've also tried un-scoping to r...  View more

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CA certificate install repeats

sent an email invitation to an iPad user. The CA certificate installs. However, when the enrollinstall process normally (automatically) goes back to safari to install the MDM certificate, it still shows the CA certificate install and it keeps install...  View more

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How can I upload .dmg file via the JSS API?

I'd like to upload .dmg file to the cloud distribution point via the JSS API. I tried uploading the.dmg file by executing the following API. curl -fku username:password https://mydomain/JSSResource/packages/id/0 -T test-dmg.xml -X POST curl -fku user...  View more

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removing items from Notifications

Has anyone managed to remove an item from Notifications preference pane in macOS High Sierra with a script? I have an issue with the recently released MAU3.18 where notifications were not displaying until i manually deleted Microsoft AU Daemon manual...  View more

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Jamf Imaging - why so many dialogs?

Hi all, I'm trying to build a bootable USB (.dmg) file that our support teams can download to create their own bootable USB keys for imaging work. What I'm trying to achieve is for our support people to be able to boot any Apple Mac from a USB key, a...  View more

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Extension Attribute

What is the process to update existing Extension Attribute here on Jamf nation. IE the Crashplan ( Code 42) Extension Attribute is using old API calls that no longer function. Though i have fixed it for my environment, Id like to update it for the co...  View more

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Block URL on Chrome

I am working on add URLs on Deny URLs under Parental Controls in the Configuration Profiles. It worked pretty well on Safari, however, our students are still able to access to sites that are placed on Deny URLs on Google Chrome. Students have to use ...  View more

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Granting Security Tokens to Managed Mobile Accounts

I've been testing 10.13.3 for deployment. So far, everything seems to work. However, our managed mobile/AD accounts are no longer enabled for FileVault2 after the High Sierra upgrade. Has anyone found a way to enable managed mobile accounts for FileV...  View more

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Renaming Damaged iPads

How does your school handle damaged iPads in JAMF? I would like to identify the broken iPads in JAMF while the device remains in inventory. For example, we have iPad Carts in our Lower School. One gets damaged and is not replaced right away. I do wan...  View more

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Application WhiteList tool experiences?

Anybody care to share their experiences with application WhiteListing tools? I've been asked to investigate what's available in that arena, and two tools that were specifically mentioned are Google's open source Santa project, and Avecto's Defendpoin...  View more

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Symantec Endpoint Protection v14 - Device Control

Good morning, all.Has anyone deployed SEP 14 and, if so, do you have plans to use device control to block external USB devices? We have done this on Windows for years, and my IS counterparts are itching to do it on Mac. Here is the link: https://supp...  View more

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NetSUS and JSS on same server

I am running JAMF 10.3.1 on RedHat and looking to see if anyone has ran both the NetSUS and the JSS on the same machine. If so what are the gotchas during setup/install?  View more

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Configuration Profile to disable Icon Preview in Finder

I'm having a hard time creating a ConfigProfile that deactivates ONLY the icon preview of Finder of any view(symbol/list/column/cover flow). I've previously tried to make it work with plistbuddy, which didn't always change the setting accordingly and...  View more

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NetSUS 4.2.1 NetBoot Image Upload

Hi, I have installed the NetSUS appliance, all is going well, updates are downloading, etc. The only problem I have is that I'm unable to upload NetBoot images, when i press the button on the webpage nothing happens (Google Chrome) when I tried press...  View more

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Rejected for VPP by Apple

Has this happened to anyone else on here? We've been rejected twice now for the volume purchasing program with no reason why or number to phone or email address to enquire about. Not quite sure what to do next, it would be very handy to have VPP as y...  View more

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Apple Configurator 2 and Jamf Pro

I've been working on improving the current process of enrolling our iPads into Jamf Pro using Configurator 2. I've gotten to the point using Content Caching where I can successfully run a Configurator Blueprint which contains what I believe to be the...  View more

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Suggestions for Hardware?

I'm building out a recommended solution to support a fleet of up to 250 Macs in a Windows-centric environment. I'm excited to be able to utilize Jamf. I've been reading the admin guide as far as the components but I'm still unsure what's needed as fa...  View more

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Time Machine reporting to Jamf

So I keep coming across the problem of machines saying that their Time Machine backup is older than 2 days. It shows up in JAMF under the computer as: Time Machine - Auto Backup: Fail (Domain or Key Not Found) Time Machine - Enabled: Fail (Domain or ...  View more

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Webhooks not working

Has anyone else had any issues with webhooks not firing correctly? So far I've tried several and only seen one actually work. PushSent seems to work as advertised but others including ComputerInventoryComplete, ComputerCheckin and ComputerPolicyFinis...  View more

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Sloth - GUI for lsof

Sloth is a Mac application that displays a list of all open files and sockets in use by all running applications on your system. This makes it easy to discover which apps are using which files and sockets. Sloth is essentially a friendly GUI built on...  View more

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iPads not enrolling into JSS

Hey, We have been trying to enroll several iPads into our Jamf server but keep getting the cancelled screen.We have a proper domain name and ip address which is available for the clients. Based on the wireshark, packet capturing the iPad can resolve ...  View more

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Jamf Helper Reboot Script with Deferral

Anyone has a reboot script that Allows deferral and uses Jamf Helper?. Would like to attach it to an apple updates policy. After the policy runs, it should prompt the user to restart the machine. The user should be allowed to postpone that reboot at ...  View more

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