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Jamf Pro 10.43.1 Now Available

Today we are releasing a maintenance version of Jamf Pro.Jamf Pro 10.43.1 fixes the following product issue:[PI110938] Jamf Pro no longer sends looping InstallProfile MDM commands to computers in the scope of automated deployments for Jamf Protect.Fo...  View more

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Updates to Inbound/Outbound Traffic with Jamf Cloud

As a follow-up to a recent post regarding some additional IP address that have been included in the Outbound traffic from Jamf Cloud, below is a list of the Outbound IP Address that have been added. For a complete list, please see the “Permitting Inb...  View more

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Jamf Pro 10.43 Now Available

Update 31 January 2023: Today we released 10.43.1. Full details, including the Cloud Upgrade schedule, are posted here. Today we are releasing Jamf Pro 10.43. Highlights of this release include: Conditional Access Registration Improvements The proces...  View more

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Jamf Pro 10.43.0 Beta is Now Available!

Hey Jamf Nation!We've just released Jamf Pro 10.43.0 Beta. This release includes enhancements to Device Compliance integration with Microsoft Endpoint Manager, a new FileVault 2 Personal Recovery Key Attribute, and several fixes and other enhancement...  View more

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Adobe Reader 2017 Classic Track Lockdown

I believe I downloaded the [Adobe Reader 2017 Classic](ftp://ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe/reader/mac/Acrobat2017/1700830051/) track with the hopes of managing updates through Casper.The only thing I want to do is disable auto updates. I searched and was u...  View more

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JDS - Error in JamfDS inventory

One of the JDS instances suddenly stopped the replication, we get the error below when we try a sudo jamfds inventory. Has someone came across something like this? The JDS is running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server $ sudo jamfds inventoryTraceback (most rece...  View more

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If I Wipe a device through the JSS

I.E. a stolen machine. Will this allow whoever stole it to just go through the apple setup assistant as usual? If I have a machine that has been stolen - is the best idea to just lock it?  View more

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Crazy to Use shared iPad in a 1:1 deployment?

During testing and research I have come to the conclusion that shared iPad mode might make the most sense in our 1:1 deployment. Big reason is how it behaves with apple classroom which we will be using extensively. Also it automatically blocks iOS up...  View more

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Dealing with duplicate users?

Between a couple different imports from apple school manager and our LDAP directory I have twice the users I should have. Is there a way to merge duplicates together into a single record that I am missing? Thanks!  View more

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Locally installed config profiles created by the JSS

I have a locally installed configuration profile for wifi that was created in the JSS.The configuration profile has had no machines or users scoped to it. I'm noticing errors for in the Management tab of a computer saying the profile cannot be found....  View more

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Extension Attribute using Date / Smart group issue

I'm using an EA to generate the date of a certificate expiration. Sample output for the EA result is 2019-06-08 (I've also tried including time -- 2019-08-17 16:32:39 ) I'm using a smart group with the operator "less than x days ago" and setting the ...  View more

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NetSUS advice

Hi i've installed NetSUS V4.1 on an Ubuntu VM in Azure and testing the catalog url in the browser http://serveripaddress/content/catalogs/others/index-10.11-10.10-10.9-mountainlion-lion-snowleopard-leopard.merged-1_Production.sucatalog and i get The ...  View more

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Update local admin password and enable for FileVault

We have a local admin account that we want to be enabled for FileVault. We need to be able to rotate this password, but have found that when changing the password through Jamf, it does not update the filevault password. Would a viable solution be to ...  View more

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JSS SCCM Installer .msi 3.51

I've been looking all over JAMF Nation for a link to where to download the JSS SCCM Installer .msi 3.51 file and can't find it. We are looking to have information about our mac ecosystem display in our SCCM server so I'm looking for this MSI file so ...  View more

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Why doesn't Restart immediately do what it says?

Restart immediately is mis-labled. It should be called Restart after this and all other in-scope policies with the same trigger finish. (But that probably wouldn't fit in that drop-down menu.) Problem:For two policies with Trigger: Startup, both set ...  View more

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Mass Exclude One smart group from Policies

We are starting a byod laptop program at school this year and basically what I want to do is exclude the BYOD smart group from all policies (then I will add them to the network and printing polices). I know there should be a way to do this with the A...  View more

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Jamf Console access through AD Groups

Hope someone can help.. maybe it is working as designed or maybe I did something wrong.. Hope someone can help me out.. I intended to grant our users access to the Jamf Pro console by adding AD User Groups. Now, we have different domains like emea.co...  View more

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Recurring OS X "cleaning" / automating "Onyx"

Hello, We have a BU that has about 20 Mac's. From time to time, when we need to solve strange issues that are not configuration issues, I often run "Onyx", and unless there is an underlying HW issue, it solves the problem. I usually run the Automatio...  View more

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Poor Performance in JSS when Logged in as LDAP User

We are seeing huge performance differences when logging in as a local user vs. logging in as an LDAP user. Local users work fine. However, LDAP users suffer from all kinds of delays and pauses. Sometimes a browser window crashes (in Chrome) or a stuc...  View more

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Password change script

Greetings JAMF'rs, We are trying to allow standard users to change their passwords, but first you some background: We have re-imaged each machine in our school, setup each account to be assured that each device has hit the JSS Server, setup the accou...  View more

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Script to update computer name at check in

Hello, I have not been able to figure out how to script in JAMF to have machines update their computer name at check-in. I'm aware of the "reset computer name" policy, but that won't work for what I'm trying to do going forward. In short, I want my m...  View more

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System Certificates disappearing after enrollment

We are seeing an increase in the number of machines that have System Certificates disappear after enrollment. Sometimes even on machines that have been active and enrolled for quite awhile. No discernible pattern. We are using our own JDS. Certificat...  View more

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iPads Not Checking In

We have about 525 student 1:1 iPads in Bretford carts at one of our schools. This is the first summer where I'm deploying myself. Last year we did the Apple ConnectED rollout of these devices so the process was a bit different. Some carts were left p...  View more

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