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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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iOS AirPrint Profiles

For some reason, this year we're getting a number of requests to be able to make paper from devices that are supposed to replace paper. Go figure... I've been testing out Printopia Pro as not all of our printers support IPP/AirPrint. Anyone had any l...  View more

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Macs Freezing/Lockups

I've had some odd issues that happened with some of our Macs in my company. We have over 100 Macs that are being managed with about 80 of those being used by employees. Other Macs are either shared or test machines. Last Friday, we received a couple ...  View more

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Sierra 10.12 - Safari Home Page - User Templet

Safari defaults to: http://www.apple.com/startpage and I unable to change the default home page by modifying com.apple.safari.plist like in the other versions of OS X. I need the user templet homepage set to our home page - not Apples. Any idea how t...  View more

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Change Speech to Text Rate via CMD line

Hello all, Testing in our K12 environment is coming up soon...Great! For specific tests, speech to text is an available option to students. For younger kids I think the "normal" rate is too fast. Does anyone have a script to change this setting under...  View more

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Problems mounting a shared drive.

When I run the following line from the terminal it (of course) works just fine. open smb://phs-fs1/HOME/testphs But when I apply the following policy it does not (screenshot). (No errors, nothing). Multiple people log into our machines I so I use the...  View more

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JSS Not Updating Mobile Devices to current User

I have several iPads I have to setup so they can be added to the correct Smart Groups on JSS before they go out to the users. Once I have them added I go through and completely wipe all of them (erase all content and settings), then they go to the us...  View more

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"Setup User" login after image

So I am testing an image on a machine and after boot when it got to the setup assistant I wasn't there to interact with it for a bit. For some reason, when I go to wake the machine up it wants me to log into a user called "Setup User" and I have trie...  View more

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10.12 Sierra Netboot DMG's remain mounted?

Hello All, Just finished upgrading JSS to 9.96. This means it's time for me to create an updated NBI image with an updated Casper Imaging App. Used AutoCaserperNBI (Thanks to @bentoms for a wonderful piece of engineering) and Auto DMG to go through t...  View more

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Unblocking Java

Hello, I have been searching for weeks now and can't seem to find a solution to my issue. We are a school and have a learning tool that requires java. Now the student laptops have a restrictions config profile in place so the students can't install a...  View more

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Please educate me...

Hi, first time caller, long time listener.... Doing some renovation/redoing/revamping of our very cluttered Configuration Profiles. 5 or so years ago when I started creating profiles we had 2 groups (marketing and developers) Now we are much more div...  View more

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Run jamf policy command at log on with launchd

Hello all, I just wanted to know if i could get some help to make the below code to work. Basically i want to run the "jamf policy" command at log on. Is there something that i am missing?? Thank you. Label com.runPolicyAtLoad ProgramArguments /bin...  View more

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Bad MS Office 2016 bug

(I tried posting this in the Macadmins microsoft-office Slack channel, but it tells me I'm offline and refuses to let me change it to "active". it just says "reconnecting" and never connects. Hopefully this information will find its way to someone wh...  View more

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Eclipse Neon deployment

Is anyone else out there having to package and deploy Eclipse IDE? Previous versions were available in standard Mac .pkg files that installed into /Applications just fine. I've discovered that the Neon release of Eclipse appears to come only in a dow...  View more

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How to lock homescreen on an iOS device

Hi guys, So, we have a few iPads where we would want to lock the home screen layout. The thing is, that even though MDM is currently capable of organising the home screen layout, it's not capable of arranging webclips on the home screens exactly wher...  View more

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Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone else uses NWEA Map testing on iPads and what your experience has been. We've sent the app out to the device, not through VPP, and are having some issues. When kids start the test, maybe 21-24 per class, approximately h...  View more

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Focus Group Ending Time

@erin.miska since they've moved the Microsoft presentation to Open Book, I'm wondering if the ending time of this event has changed for those of us that have signed up for the Focus Group and the Microsoft presentation? If it hasn't will anyone be up...  View more

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Office 2016 certificate prompts

We get sporadic prompts form Office 2016 with regards to cert validation. See attached for an example Does anyone know of a good way to suppress these prompts? Trying to determine if this is an issue with the cert back end or something I can control ...  View more

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OSX-Sierra does NOT like JAMF

We are currently running JSS 9.93 , Self service 9.93 and have only updated a handful of machines to Sierra (10.12). Immediately, there are all sorts of issues. Everything from profiles not getting installed, tons of "pending" commands, Apps fail to ...  View more

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Enrollment after imaging is not happening

I've noticed a problem with imaging and enrollment but because I image so infrequently I can't pinpoint when it started. When I image a Mac using the same configuration I've always used, the imaging will go fine and the computer will restart. When it...  View more

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.mobileconfig - Self Service

A question for the Nation... I have created a few configuration profiles and made them available to the user through Self Service. My question is once the profile has been installed, how can I allow the user to remove/un-install the mobileconfig prof...  View more

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