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What's new in the Jamf Pro 10.34 Release

Today we released Jamf Pro 10.34 which includes enhancements to the Jamf Parent and Jamf Teacher apps, updates to the Jamf Connect auto-deployment settings, and new Shared iPad session features. This release also gives IT admins the ability to select...  View more

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JNUC Super Early Bird pricing for Education Customers

Hello JAMF Nation, Two weeks ago we launched our JNUC registration site and we already have 170 registrations completed -- approximately evenly split between Education and Commercial customers. Also over these two weeks, we have heard much feedback f...  View more

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MacBooks with USB-C and Target Boot Imaging

Has anyone tried to image one of these laptops using Target Boot Mode? We do not have any of these yet and I am curious with the fact there isn't a Thunderbolt port, which is the way it has been done for a number of years now. We are going to try and...  View more

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Assigning Department During Imaging?

Hey guys, I'm looking to have my department, maybe even building set automatically during imaging. I have 3 department groups; staff, admin, and student. We are using and AD right now, but until we re-organize it, I cannot rely on it to pull departme...  View more

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AutoDMG vs createOSXinstallPkg?

Hello,We have finally figured out about these two tools and have been using them for a few version updates now: AutoDMG to create the file we use for imaging and createOSXinstallPkg to create the file used for OS X updates. The question I had is whet...  View more

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Set Timeout iPad Screens

Hey all, We have some Kiosks iPads that are timing out and locking to fast. Is there an option for screen timeouts on iPads/Jamf?  View more

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Hiding apps error

I'm trying to hide the unused apps on our iPad's. I've created a test group, created a config profile to hide the apps. but when I push the the profile I get this error, "A Shared Device Configuration payload is already installed." So i went into the...  View more

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Upgrading Crashplan from 4.X to 5.X

Anyone have experience upgrading CrashPlan PRO E from 4.X to 5.X? The server in-place upgrade only allows our 4.3.4 version to go to 4.5.2. I was told by our support rep (who has not responded in a few days), that to get to 5.2.0,, I'll need to unins...  View more

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Sophos Encryption and local logon

Our office utilizes Cisco ISE for network Authentication.We are having Trouble getting a mobileConfig Profile to work at logon.We have Sophos Encryption 7 both Disk and File for Macs running OS X 10.10.xWe got Sophos to not pass-through user creds to...  View more

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Zip files. How to just download and unzip it?

Hi all, I've been given a zip file. Within it are a *.pkg file, some config files, and a shell script to run and configure the pkg file. When I manually unzip it and run the shell script, it works perfectly. The package would install, and the configu...  View more

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Disabling iOS Share and Action Extensions

I need help figuring out what Apple means by "You can also suppress sharing by turning off the Allow Define feature" from the second to last paragraph of page 4 in the document "Assessment with iPad"? I am trying to figure out a way to disable Share ...  View more

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This week! Providence Apple Admins meetup

There's still plenty of room at this week's Providence Apple Admins meetup in Downtown Providence, Thursday from 5:30-7:30PM. We're going to review how to setup a netboot OS X server from scratch using AutoCasperNBI and we're also reviewing one CUG m...  View more

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Using munki to deploy paid App Store app's

Background: Started new company. We are not using DEP, VPP, or Casper. Looking to change this at some point but hey, its my second day. Question: We currently use munki to deploy approved app's and have a request for a paid app that is only found in ...  View more

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Lost mode and GPS

Before I put in a feature request, Does anyone know if it is possible to put a device into lost mode without invoking the GPS query? I don't mean possible in JSS. I know there they are tied together. I mean from the aspect of device/mdm api features/...  View more

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Login policy script and current user

I'm stumped. I've got a very basic script that is designed to delete Google Chrome from /Applications and ~/Applications (if present). When I run this locally as sudo delete_chrome.sh it works just fine and it does exactly what it is supposed to do. ...  View more

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Best practice for App store

So we have just implemented Casper Suite and have the app store turned off for all users (teachers and students). We are doing this so that they cannot install apps without our knowledge. The question has come up as to how teachers can search for and...  View more

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iWorks/iLife and Managed Distribution

Last year was our first year with Jamf and just to get things going we pushed out iWorks and iLife in our image and it was tied to a general school Apple ID. Now that we have more time to play around with it we are trying to see what fits us best. Th...  View more

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